Rosemary Cathcart combines traditional wisdom with ancient practices and modern skills in her work. For more than 30 years she has served her clients in varied roles that include intuitive counselor, corporate trainer, lecturer & seminar leader, and a caring, listening friend. 

Who works with Rosemary Cathcart? All sorts of people:  the would-be country singer who considered quitting, and is now a household name. The former company executive who was laid off, and is now the founder of a very successful NEW company. The client who was worried about a legal case...which she won. And what about you? 

One client said, “I’m confused. I asked for a business consultant, and was told Rosemary Cathcart. I asked for a stress workshop leader… and I was told Rosemary Cathcart. And I asked for alternative healing for my knee, and I was told—Rosemary Cathcart!”  

Rosemary works in all these areas and brings a wholistic view to her practice. An appointment with her can include an analysis of your astrological chart, techniques for meditation and managing stress, a consultation about options for your career path, ideas about communicating better with your family, and more.

If you have questions in your life, chances are Rosemary can help you find answers. Call Rosemary at (615) 383-3773 or email for more information.  
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Rosemary Cathcart

If you have questions in your life, chances are Rosemary can help you find answers.
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