WORKSHOPS for your club, event or company:
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Introduction to Astrology
  • Developing a Productive Work Environment
  • Team-Building at Work & Home
  • Reducing & Managing Stress
  • Practical Meditation

TOOLS & RESOURCES available for purchase                
  • Creating a Full-Time Ministry
  • Breath of Life

     CD Programs
  • Practical Mediumship
  • Esoteric Numerology
  • Astrology:  8 CDs, available separately or as a package

  • Cash or check made payable to Rosemary Cathcart
  • Books and CDs are $17 + $3 postage & handling (total $20 each)
  • Complete Astrology program available for a total of $150

Rosemary Cathcart
If you have questions in your life, chances are Rosemary can help you find answers.
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APPOINTMENTS are available
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